Car Hire Insurance

Damage and Theft waivers are included in the rates.  Please refer to your rate grids for details of exactly what is included and excluded.  Waivers must not be regarded as insurance.  When waivers are purchased (normally included in wholesale rates) The Companies right to recover the total damage or loss amount is waived.
It is essential that The Company is advised of which option the client has purchased at time of reservation.  This must be clearly stipulated on the voucher.  Rate codes must always be used.
Cross Border Excesses
Responsibilities/Excesses of the country in which the accident/theft occurs will apply regardless of the country in which the rental commenced.  An excess is applicable to cross border into Botswana and Mozambique.
Personal Accident Insurance
PAI is excluded in the rates.
Third Party
The Company provides third party liability cover to the value of 100,000,000 Euros.  This policy is underwritten by Regent Insurance.
Factors that could negate all cover
Gross or criminal negligence.
No other vehicle involved in the collision unless exceptional circumstances apply.
Unauthorised drivers, i.e. names of additional drivers are not listed on the Rental Agreement.
Not obtaining authorisation from The Company to extend the rental.
Not reporting damage to The Company immediately.
Not adhering to traffic, road and driving rules and regulations.
Driving under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances.
Unsuitable driving or road conditions.
Unauthorised cross border rentals.
Not being able to produce keys in case of theft unless exceptional circumstances apply.
Not reporting exact details of the last known location of the vehicle prior to theft.
Not reporting the loss to The Company within 6 hours.
Repairs to the vehicle without written authorisation from The Company.